Friday, September 28, 2012

How to download daily mass readings to a Kindle

Would you like to get the Daily Mass Readings without paying a subscription fee? The word "free" sounds great to me. Here's how to get them:

Go to
Download the appropriate file from there by right clicking on it.
Example: MG_Oct2012.prc is the mass readings for October 2012.
  • In a Chrome browser save to the download folder by clicking Link Save As.
  • In Internet Explorer, click Save Target As. Save in the Download folder.
  • In Firefox, click Save Link As. Save in the Download folder.
(You can use another folder if you prefer. Download is usually the default folder.)

Then attach this file from the Download folder to an email.
  • Start a new message, and then select "Attach." It may be a different button in your e-mail program. 
  • Select the Download folder.
  • Select the file.
  • Click OK to finish attaching the file.
Send this file to your free Kindle address to convert the file. Example:
The easiest way to transfer the file to your Kindle is to logon to the Manage My Kindle at the site. There is an "Actions" dropdown on the right side of the file list. Select your e-mail address. This will automatically send the file to your Kindle if you have turned on the wireless connection on your Kindle. Otherwise, you have to save the converted file and transfer it by connecting the USB cord to your Kindle.
This gives you one month of readings at a time. It also give you a nice meditation on the readings.
It is a lot simpler than manually copying and pasting into a Word document to get a file you can send to your Kindle e-mail account.
Another method of getting the readings is to download the freeware e-book management software Calibre. It has a Fetch News feature. One of the news items you can select is Catholic Daily Readings and Our Daily Bread. You have to subscribe to these. You only get two days at a time with this way.
I hope you like this idea.

Betty, Author of e-books at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Check out my new e-books!

I've been busy publishing four e-books on I hope you enjoy them!

Price: Free! 22050 words. Published on September 10, 2012. Nonfiction.
What does the Bible say about being obedient to God? What are the most common objections to following Christ? How can one become an obedient child of God? This Bible study attempts to show what Scripture says and ask questions to overcome objections and doubts about faith in Jesus. Hopefully, it will lead to greater understanding of the Catholic faith.

by Betty Gravlin
Price: Free! 16920 words. Published on September 6, 2012. Nonfiction.

Who Does God Want Me to Be? What is the Nature of Your Call to Service? How do I Grow in Holiness? This book gives some answers to those questions for those who are seeking a way to follow Christ more closely. It explains some Catholic spirituality that will help you along your journey.

by Betty Gravlin
Price: Free! 6710 words. Published on August 31, 2012. Nonfiction.

Why is the Mass a sacrifice? What difference does it make to us that it is a sacrifice? Why do we have to go to Mass? This lecture answers these questions by going through the Book of Hebrews to show how Jesus saved us by His sacrifice on the Cross. It shows how Calvary is re-presented at Mass so that we can participate.

Why Go to Mass?
Have you been hearing the question, "Why Go To Mass?" a lot lately? If your only answer to that question is "Because we have to." then you need to read this book.
Here are 30 reasons why the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass should be attended at least weekly. 
Published: May 5, 2013.