Thursday, September 30, 2004

President Elect 2004 Electoral College Analysis
The next president could tip high court
By Joan Biskupic, USA TODAYWASHINGTON — It was a common theme during the 2000 campaign for president: The winner of the election could get to fill as many as three seats on the Supreme Court, and potentially reshape the law for decades.

Just My Opinion...
Kerry is saying that if he knew then what he knows now, he wouldn't have gone to war in Iraq. That's like a guy saying that if he knew his marriage would end in divorce, he wouldn't have dated the woman. 20/20 hindsight is a luxury that doesn't happen in real life.

House Holds Hearing On Post-Abortion Stress
September 30, 2004 – The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health examined the impact of depression on women following pregnancy and abortion on September 29. This hearing was attended by Dr. Martin Waugh, a psychiatrist who is tracking this issue for Traditional Values Coalition and the Christian Seniors Association.
Dr. Shadigian testified: “… self-harm and psychiatric hospital admission because of suicide attempt is more common in women who terminate their pregnancies, while rates of suicide and suicide attempt are half or less for women with full term pregnancies compared to the general population.”
She noted that a woman who aborts a child is twice as likely as other women to die from a homicide a year after the abortion and three to five times as likely to die from suicide.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Kerry Sets a Record: 14 Flip-Flops in One Speech
Sen. John Kerry set some kind of record today in a speech to his fellow leftists at New York University. The Republican National Committee counted 14 flip-flops on Iraq.

A man without a plan Bartlett Quick question: What is John Kerry's economic plan? Can anyone reading this column name even one key element of it?

David Limbaugh blasts Kerry
Just A Few More Questions, Sen. Kerry
I am gratified that John Kerry has finally decided to bring his campaign into the present millennium and focus on Iraq. Now, let's have a genuine discussion about that issue.

Iraqi women try to help Americans see the country through their eyes By Diana Griego Erwin -- Bee ColumnistPublished 2:15 am PDT Tuesday, September 21,
Before Iraq's liberation, Ahood al-Fadhal spent her days preoccupied with how she and her husband would feed their three children.The rice and flour they could get was buggy. Three brothers were killed by the regime of Saddam Hussein, and her husband was imprisoned for three years. In her lifetime, she never expected to see a free Iraq.
Since Saddam's overthrow, al-Fadhal finds life moving in directions previously unimaginable. She teaches literacy classes and writes a biweekly newsletter for women; she was elected to a district council seat in Basra as an advocate for women's rights.

The left thinks legally, the right thinks morally
To understand the worldwide ideological battle -- especially the one between America and Western Europe and within America itself -- one must understand the vast differences between leftist and rightist worldviews and between secular and religious (specifically Judeo-Christian) values.

Cord Blood Emerges as Source of Life Saving Stem Cells in National Debate

Monday, September 20, 2004

Louisiana Voters Approve Gay-Marriage Ban

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Louisiana voters overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment Saturday banning same-sex marriages and civil unions, one of up to 12 such measures on the ballot around the country this year.
With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the amendment was winning approval with 78 percent of the vote, and support for it was evident statewide. Only in New Orleans, home to a politically strong gay community, was the race relatively close, and even there the amendment was winning passage. Turnout statewide appeared to be about 27 percent of Louisiana's 2.8 million voters, somewhat low for a state election.

Kerry's Position On Iraq Continues To Confuse
Over 7 million people have watched the Kerry On Iraq documentary at and according to the results of a new online poll, many are still confused after Senator Kerry’s major policy speech on Iraq.
Watch the online video to decide for yourself.

Just Suppose ....
Suppose you were an Iraqi that wanted to get rid of Saddam. What would you tell foreign intelligence to get them to do your bidding? Wouldn't you tell them Saddam had a nuclear weapon pointing at a NATO country or Israel? That would do the job.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Catholics Support Bush in Battleground States's Fr. Michael Reilly says Catholic support for President Bush is strong and getting stronger.

Remember that performer that was nearly killed by a tiger?
Roy Horn had Life After Death Experience
Horn was clinically dead for about a minute and told RTL about the experience: "I saw flashing bright lights and my mother. My beloved animals were lying at her feet."
He had a simple explanation for his brush with death on his 59th birthday: "I was not allowed to die just yet, because my wings for being an angel were not quite ready."

Reflections on Politics
I'm pretty passionate about the moral direction of the country. I'm worried that God will remove his blessing on our country if we allow the moral climate to get any worse than it is. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Perhaps I feel this way because I regret the mistakes my generation made about morality and I want to return to the way things were when I grew up. My family taught me to love God and to obey Him. I am trying to live that out the best I can.

But religion is not just a personal matter. The sins of each of us have an effect on all of us. The laws of our country are based on Christianity and the 10 commandments. Unlike when I was younger, I now see the wisdom of this, because we can only be free from crime if everyone obeys the commandments. Our freedom depends on obeying moral principles.

There are some key issues at stake that are being debated in the political arena these days: Abortion, Euthanasia (mercy killing), Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, and Homosexual "Marriage". I think it is sinful to support any of these evils. So I think it is sinful to vote for elected representatives that will enact laws that allow these evils. I have to vote according to my conscience. As I see it, these issues are so important that they out weigh all the other issues like jobs.

Also, I became a Republican when I studied for my MBA, which was years before I became convinced of the moral issues. My professors predicted the national debt increasing due to welfare and what the effect would be if we adopted what became known as "Reaganomics". These professors were dead right. Welfare led to a decline in the work ethic and high national debt while "Reaganomics" led to the great economy of the 1990s. I started to see that I had to vote for what was good for the country in the long run, not for the benefit of my own pocketbook. My knowledge of economics made it seem selfish to do anything else. That seems to be a moral issue to me.

I now base my vote on the things I learned, not on my feelings or what the TV says. I became curious about what makes this country's economy tick and I still am curious 30 years later. I still study about these subjects.

What this adds up to is that only the Republican party represents my views on morality and economics. I don't agree with everything the party supports; for example, I don't like the death penalty or unlimited gun rights. Those two issues seem minor in comparison with the others. With some exceptions, the Democrats do not represent my moral views.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More on the Bush Guard Documents
You don't need experts to know that the Bush Guard documents were forged. I remember what documents looked like in 1972-1973. I graduated from college that year. I used a manual typewriter with Courier font to type term papers. I didn't see proportional fonts until the late '70s. I started working as a technical writer in 1979. The docs I wrote then were typed on an IBM Selectric, which was a very expensive machine at the time. It is highly unlikely that the Air National Guard would use that kind of machine to type routine memos. Our department was the only one in the company to have a Selectric. I had never heard of justification, kerning, proportional fonts or Times New Roman until after I started using a word processor in the late '80s. I had to learn about them because I am in the publishing business. I'm not surprised that the blogosphere went balistic over the forgeries. This isn't ancient history. There are still plenty folks who remember what publishing was like back then.

The Forum: Fraud:
What Ratzinger didn't say by Phil Lawler Sep. 11 ( - If you live anywhere in the United States, you probably saw news stories this past week, reporting that Cardinal Ratzinger had issued a new statement, saying that Catholics can vote for a candidate who promotes legal abortion-- as long as they're casting that vote for other reasons.

Cardinal Ratzinger said no such thing.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Bush Guard Documents: Forged According to a post in the Little Green Football blog on 9/9/04:
I opened Microsoft Word, set the font to Microsoft’s Times New Roman, tabbed over to the default tab stop to enter the date “18 August 1973,” then typed the rest of the document purportedly from the personal records of the late Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian.
And my Microsoft Word version, typed in 2004, is an exact match for the documents trumpeted by CBS News as “authentic.”

Mass graves in IraqThis is why Saddam Hussein had to go.
I think we need to remember these people.

I don't remember the press making much ado about this article from 03/09/2004. It seems more relevant now that Kerry claims the swift boat vets are connected to the Bush campaign's is funded by Teresa Heinz, as a 527, should have no connection with the candidate because that is illegal. and International ANSWER, two of the prime-movers behind opposition to President Bush's War on Terror is funded by substantial largess from foundations controlled by the would-be first lady, [Teresa Heinz Kerry]: The San Francisco-based Tides Foundation and a spinoff called the Tides Center. These entities in turn help distribute funds to and operate as clearinghouses for policy-networking and coordination between a veritable Who's Who of radical leftist organizations....Rabid antiwar demonstrators, antitrade demonstrators, domestic Islamist organizations, pro-terrorists legal groups, environmentalists, abortion partisans, extremist homosexual activists and open-borders advocates."

2004 Presidential Election Voter Guide
Bush’s National Guard yearsBefore you fall for Dems’ spin, here are the facts
What do you really know about George W. Bush’s time in the Air National Guard?That he didn’t show up for duty in Alabama? That he missed a physical? That his daddy got him in?
News coverage of the president’s years in the Guard has tended to focus on one brief portion of that time — to the exclusion of virtually everything else. So just for the record, here, in full, is what Bush did...

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Daschle's Bishop: Don't Vote for Pro-Abortion Politicians
Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is a pro-abortion, Catholic Democrat and up for reelection this year. Of late, the matter of Catholic politicians who do not subscribe to the Church's pro-life stance and teachings on abortion has become a hot political topic. With the November elections quickly approaching, candidates like Daschle and John Kerry (also a pro-abortion Catholic) are finding themselves in a sticky situation.

Kerry Anti-War Ally Recants 1971 Claims of War Crimes
WASHINGTON (Talon News) -- A former soldier who accused American troops of committing war crimes in Vietnam has recently come forward to recant those charges. Steven J. Pitkin appeared at the "Winter Soldier Investigation" conducted in Detroit in 1971 by former Navy Lieutenant John Kerry and his group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, but now says that his statements were coerced.

September 11 and the economy Democrats see only Hoovervilles, voters apparently realize that Mr. Bush inherited a sinking economy, which was made much worse by September 11.

Jobs and snow jobs ... those who are making the most noise about outsourcing seldom say a word about the in-sourcing of jobs from other countries. But it is the net balance that matters.Official statistics published last March in the Survey of Current Business showed an increase of 2.8 million jobs outsourced by American-owned multinational corporations during a quarter of a century ending in 2001. Over that same span of time, there was an increase of 4.7 million jobs outsourced to Americans by foreign-owned multinational corporations.

Because I'm a girl by Mary Katharine Ham
I want to earn what I get, deserve what I earn, and decide exactly what I do with my earnings instead of handing that responsibility off to a political party. I am capable of that and much more, because I’m a girl.

Hispanic and Churchgoing Catholics Cite Abortion as Top Election Priority
Washington, DC ( -- A new poll conducted by the Pew Forum reveals that, among Catholic voters, supporters of President George W. Bush are more motivated by the abortion issue than backers of Senator John Kerry.

Vatican mentioned in GOP Platform
Under the "International Institutions" section of the 2004 GOP Platform (pg.25) we read:
"Republicans continue to oppose the ideological campaign against participation by the Vatican in United Nations conferences and other activities. The United Nations was created to benefit all peoples and nations, not to promote a radical agenda of social engineering. Any effort to address global social problems must be firmly placed within a context of respect for the fundamental social institutions of marriage and family. We reject any treaty or convention that would contradict these values. For that reason, we support protecting the rights of families in international programs and oppose funding organizations involved in abortion."
The platform document can be viewed here:

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

First-Time Voters for Life
According to a recent poll, new voters are trending pro-life on abortion.
Zogby also revealed that more Americans consider themselves pro-life (49 percent) than pro-choice (45 percent). And according to a Gallup Youth Survey released last November, 72 percent of U.S. teenagers think abortion is morally wrong, 32 percent of teens would outlaw it entirely, and only 19 percent support abortion on demand.

'The Passion' Sells 2.4 Million DVDs
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The DVD of Mel Gibson's biblical epic "The Passion of the Christ" went on sale Tuesday and sold 2.4 million copies by midday.

Pope, Vatican unruffled by new terror threats
Rome, Aug. 30 ( - Amid new reports of a possible terrorist threat on Italy, one Islamic extremist group has promised not to attack the Vatican, and a top official at the Holy See has reported that Pope John Paul II (bio - news) has shown "great interior serenity" in the face of terrorist threats.

Supreme Court Considers Texas Sodomy Law,2933,131056,00.html
TOPEKA, Kan. — The state can punish illegal underage sex more harshly when it involves homosexual acts, even if the only goal is promoting traditional sexual roles, an official told the Kansas Supreme Court (search) on Tuesday.

Vietnam's New Religious Ordinance Under Fire
Vietnam's communist government is introducing a new ordinance that claims to uphold citizens' rights to religious freedom, but critics -- including church leaders inside Vietnam -- say the authorities are, on the contrary, trying to restrict the freedom to worship.
The move comes at a time when advocacy groups are pressing for U.S. Senate passage of legislation passed last month in the House of Representatives, which ties increases in U.S. aid to improvements in Vietnam's human rights record.
Previous efforts to get the Vietnam Human Rights Act enacted were stymied by Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate. Arguing that the move would hinder rather than help reforms, Kerry used his position as chairman of the foreign relations committee's East Asian and Pacific Affairs subcommittee to block further progress.