Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 Lessons from Huck's Big Day

I agree with these commentaries on the Super Tuesday, Feb. 5 primaries:

Even if Romney releases his 288 delegates to him, Huckabee would still have only 528 votes, which is less than half what he needs to win the nomination.

I'm hoping he will stay in the race so that the evangelical voice will still be heard.

McCain's Evangelical Troubles Mount

"Complicating that picture for McCain is that many high-profile evangelical organizers who might help change minds about him are skeptical about his chances in November. “When it’s time to vote, if it’s between McCain and a Democrat [evangelicals] will vote for McCain,” said David Barton, a Texas-based Christian activist who directed evangelical pastor outreach for the Republican National Committee during the 2004 election. “But they won’t work for McCain. They’re not going to fall on their swords for him.”
“As close as recent presidential races have been,” Barton continued, “…. I find it difficult to believe that anyone can win without the help of what has been between 35 and 40-percent of the Republican base.”

I agree. I don't think I will not go door-to-door to work for McCain or work those phone calls as I have in the past for pro-life candidates. I'm going to have to pray about it a lot before I could be enthusiastic about McCain. I probably can hold my nose as I vote for him, but not without angst.

Friday, February 08, 2008

We're winning in Iraq

Imagine this - the war in Iraq might not be the biggest issue in the race for the presidency! How ironic? McCain gained support because he was a national security conservative, and now that issue is fizzling out! Romney is gone, so there goes the only economic conservative. We could have used him, considering that Congress is giving away the store to win the election. So Republicans are stuck with a choice between a values candidate (Huckabee) and McCain, who is all over the map on the issues. I don't buy it when he says he is pro-life.
McCain is highjacking the GOP. He's trying to put together a coalition of moderate GOP and independent voters. The value voters will either bolt or stay home on election day. It's 1992 all over again. Where is Ross Perot when we need a candidate to laugh at to take away the pain of impending defeat?


"In the letter, the emir said the difficulty in assigning tasks to potential suicide bombers was caused by increases in U.S. military operations and the formation of U.S.-backed Sunni tribal groups, known as Awakening councils, to fight against al-Qaeda in Iraq.

"We found ourselves in a circle not being able to move, organize or conduct our operations," he wrote. "There was a total collapse in the security structure of the organization."
Al-Qaeda is almost done and finished. It no longer scares anyone," he said."

Monday, February 04, 2008

What the Florida primary meant for Values Voters?

On this web site, http://www.citizenlink.org/ click on the "Forwad" button "Focus Action Analysis 2008 Florida Primary."
Focus on the Family Action team has recorded a special report for you. This latest primary continued the unfortunate trend of the media with most pundits virtually ignoring the issues that are of concern to Values Voters. Why is there such little discussion of the rights of the preborn, preserving marriage, the future of the Supreme Court or protecting our right to publicly acknowledge God?
This video is over 55 minutes long, but it is a very interesting commentary.