Friday, February 06, 2004
In first defense of US pre-Iraq war intelligence, CIA director Tenet criticized current ?politicized, haphazard debate,? denied agency had called Saddam?s threat ?imminent? but insisted that a brutal dictator was building programs that might surprise and threaten world. Taking issue with resigned Iraq Survey Group director Kay, Tenet declared ?We are nowhere near 85 pc finished? in Iraq and said more time needed to finish task.

?No one told us what to say,? he said, and ?when analysts differed in their estimates, we said so.? A senior Iraqi official now admits that Iraq developed two large unmanned aerial vehicles for delivery of biological weapons. An aerial biological weapon spray system was flight-tested

In the last 24 hours, DEBKAfile went back to its most reliable intelligence sources in the US and the Middle East, some of whom were actively involved in the subject before and during the Iraq war. They all stuck to their guns. As they have consistently informed DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly , Saddam Hussein?s unconventional weapons programs were present on the eve of the American-led invasion and quantities of forbidden materials were spirited out to Syria. Whatever Dr. Kay may choose to say now, at least one of these sources knows at first hand that the former ISG director received dates, types of vehicles and destinations covering the transfers of Iraqi WMD to Syria.

Dear Mr. Bush: It's Time For You To Stand Up Against America's Moral Bankruptcy
Mr. Bush, hasn't there been enough? Haven't we seen the complete collapse of a culture? Isn't it time you said something?

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