Friday, February 17, 2012

About the Health and Human Services mandate to religious institutions to violate their consciences in the health insurance for their employees

The HHS has mandated that religious institutions provide health insurance services and products that violate their deeply held moral teachings. This is not just a Catholic issue. This is a First Amendment issue. If HHS can mandate this, then they can mandate anything regardless of how offensive and onerous it is. HHS bureaucrats are unelected, yet they can pass regulations that have the same effect as law.

What if HHS decides that they want to reduce population in the US, so they mandate that all employers provide health insurance that will only pay for the birth of the first child, but not subsequent ones? Furthermore, they impose additional heavy fines on anyone who has more than one child. Now suppose you deeply believe in the Bible's commandment to "be fruitful and multiply," so this edict violates your moral beliefs. Would you want to pay for it even if you do not formally belong to any religious affiliation? China has a one child policy. Is the US next?

What if HHS decides that prostitution is good for your health, a la Las Vegas, where it is regulated to prevent STDs? Therefore, HHS mandates that all employers provide health insurance that covers prostitution services. Now suppose you deeply believe in the Bible's commandment against adultery. Would you want to pay for that insurance? There is nothing to stop HHS, because it is obvious they do not have to change when citizens protest.

What if some new cures were made from pig blood? Would those employers who believe pigs are unclean animals have to pay for health insurance that covers pig blood injections every month? What about doctors, nurses and pharmacists who object to delivering these services? While this kind of HHS mandate would have an impact on a small minority, aren't all of us obligated to support them in their right to obey their conscience whether you agree with it or not? Should they be coerced if it is available for free at a government clinic? Would you dare say they should change their belief to be more like yours? No doubt you would be called anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim if you did. There is little to no protection for conscience rights now.

Who says the government should provide everything we want for free? Actually, nothing is free. There is always someone who is bearing the cost either directly or indirectly.

You think these things can't happen in the United States? Wake up! All should be supporting those whose First Amendment rights are being trampled on. The rights of all Americans are in danger.

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