Monday, November 08, 2004

Catholics Put Bush Over the Top in Key States's Fr. Michael Reilly details the critical role played by Catholics in President Bush's election victory.
Exit polls are showing that President Bush has won the Catholic vote 51-48 percent, which was decisive in states that were the key to Bush's victory, especially Ohio and Florida.

Like a broken record
By Mark Steyn
A postelection analysis column for 2002, 2004, 2006, & 2012. "In this election, the plebs were more mature than the elites: They understood war is never cost-free and that you don't run away because of a couple of setbacks; they did not accept that one jailhouse scandal should determine America's national security interest; they rejected the childish caricature of their president and paranoid ravings about Halliburton; they declined to have their vote rocked by Bruce Springsteen or any other pop culture poser. "

Why Liberals STILL Don't Get It
Ron Marr
In the chic salons of Manhattan and the trendy bistros of Los Angeles they are saying they same thing. "How could Bush have won?" ponder the elitist vanguard of the left-wing status quo. "I don't know a single person who voted for him."

Reaction To Bush's Victory
Here are a few quotes from lefties at home and abroad reacting to Bush's win. I think you'll find it to be enlightening...or at least amusing

America's shifting reality
George Will

Political Cartoons
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Who would I consider an ideal candidate for 2008?
I'd like a pro-life, pro-family, devout Catholic/Christian who understands how to manage the economy, ala Reagan and Bush, that is tough on defense and terrorism, conservative with taxes and spending, and uses market force solutions for health care, jobs and social security. I'd like someone who is personable, if not charismatic, who comes from a middle-class background. I'd like someone to continue bringing freedom to the Middle East and wherever possible and will appoint pro-life/conservative judges. A Hispanic would be a big plus also.

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