Monday, April 21, 2008

EWTN has transcripts of Benedict XVI's speeches and a video archive.

I have been reading these articles because I didn't always have time to watch them when they were first broadcast and sometimes the Pope's accent made it hard for me to hear. Since I don't have cable, I had to listen to Catholic radio, which doesn't always do the occasion justice. This is especially so with the event at the World Trade Center. The video from there says so much more than the words. You will see the pastoral side of Benedict XVI if you watch it. If you are looking for a reason to love this man, this moment is it.

As a sometimes catechist, I loved the speech to the youth. It was inspiring, and totally on the level the audience could understand. I admire a theologian that can distill the truth into easy to understand language, and do it with as much charm as he did. It makes me want to imitate him. Benedict XVI's charisma is very different from John Paul II's, but it is still there.

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