Monday, April 14, 2008

Scientists Uncover Potential To Control Adult Stem Cells
ScienceDaily (Apr. 12, 2008) — "Research presented at the UK National Stem Cell Network Annual Science Meeting in Edinburgh represents a step towards the use of Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) to repair damaged tissue. Speaking at the conference in Edinburgh, Professor Cay Kielty of the University of Manchester describes how she and her team have uncovered a messaging system that instructs ASCs to contribute to tissue repair in response to chemical signals in the body. This work, funded by the Medical Research Council, holds great hope for the development of techniques by which ASCs could be instructed to repair damaged tissues."

This article shows that research with adult stem cells is still more promising than with embryonic stem cells.

The score is still 73 to zero

Research shows adult stem cells can now cure 73 diseases, while embryonic stem cells can cure zero. If a law were passed to make it illegal to patent embryonic stem cells cures, the research funding would dry up fast, I bet.

Missouri House votes for taxpayer funding human cloning and life-destroying research
On Wednesday March 26, the Missouri House of Representatives voted down an amendment that would have protected taxpayers from funding human cloning and life-destroying research. Rep. Therese Sander (R- 22) offered Amendment 1 to HCS HB 2007 which lined out all funding to the Life Science Research Board, funding that since the passage of Amendment 2, now Art. III, sec. 38 (d) of the Missouri constitution, cannot be restricted from being used for life-destroying research.

Adult Stem Cell Research With Cord Blood Successfully Makes Insulin

Yahoooo! Hallelluia!

Cures Without Cloning Statement on Court Ruling Upholding Challenge to Carnahan Ballot Summary

ST. LOUS, MO - Lori Buffa, MD, chairwoman of Cures Without Cloning, released the following statement regarding the ruling of Circuit Judge Patricia S. Joyce upholding the coalition's challenge to the Secretary of State's misleading and inaccurate ballot summary:
"This ruling proves what we've said along: that our clear, concise initiative would prohibit human cloning and the taxpayer funding of human cloning in Missouri."

Because of the additional, drawn-out legal challenges, ( it will be impossible now to get this on the November 2008 ballot. We will have to live with Amendment 2 to the Missouri Constitution for a couple more years, it seems. But who knows? By the time the issue gets on the ballot, the advances in adult stem cell research may make this less of an issue. The research community may abandon embryonic stem cell research when they realize it is either a dead end or that patenting these stem cell lines is made illegal. We can only hope. This web site shows what the fight is about.

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