Wednesday, August 18, 2004

First San Francisco, now Massachusetts ...

Calif. Top Court Annuls San Francisco Gay Marriages
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California's Supreme Court annulled more than 4,000 gay marriages in San Francisco on Thursday after finding the city acted improperly in granting marriage licenses earlier this year in defiance of state law.

Canadian tax authority warns churches to be silent
Janet Buckingham, legal counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), and Jennifer Leddy, legal counsel for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, were warned by revenue officials that should they become involved in "partisan" political activity during the then-upcoming 2004 federal election they would risk losing their tax-exempt status.
According to the federal agency, to avoid being "partisan" means not addressing issues on which the competing political parties have opposing views. Dawna Lynn Labonte, a media relations officer for the federal Minister of National Revenue, said that not only would churches be penalized for telling congregants to vote for a certain party or candidate, they would also be penalized for coming out strongly on an issue on which the parties were opposed, such as abortion or same-sex "marriage".

Massachusetts Will Nullify Out-of-State Gay Marriages,2933,118962,00.html
BARNSTABLE, Mass. — Gov. Mitt Romney's top legal adviser said Tuesday that if local clerks issue marriage licenses to out-of-state gay couples, that will make the marriages void and could result in legal repercussions for the clerks themselves.

Mass. AG: Gay Marriage for Residents Only,2933,125460,00.html
BOSTON — The state's landmark gay marriage case applies only to Massachusetts residents and explicitly protects other states' rights to define marriage in their own way, according to a brief filed Monday by the attorney general.

Mass. Judge Upholds Law Limiting Marriage,2933,129346,00.html
BOSTON — A Superior Court judge on Wednesday declined to halt enforcement of a 1913 state law barring out-of-state couples from marrying in Massachusetts.

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