Thursday, August 19, 2004

Smallest Surviving Baby Enters High School
Madeline Mann is seen shortly after her birth in June 1989. Born at 27 weeks into her mother's pregnancy, she weighed just 9.9 ounces, less than any surviving baby in medical history. Next week, she enters high school as something even more extraordinary: an honors student who plays violin and likes to rollerblade.

Aborted baby's head left inside woman
Couple horrified to find face of child after returning home
A British hospital is now investigating the case of a woman who had an abortion, but then was shocked to find out the head of her unborn baby had been left inside her.

Catholic Answers has a political forum. I am responding to some posts.
[QUOTE=melv9]"Bush is also in favor of abortion in cases of incest, rape, and when the life of the mother is in danger. He also lead us into an pre-emptive war which does not meet the "just war" requirements. Add to this that is he is a liar and favors the rich. It is a sin to vote for Bush.[/QUOTE]
The practical reality is that there is no consensus to abolish abortion from the moment of conception. The best we could possibly hope for is the additional exception for "incest, rape, and when the life of the mother is in danger." I wish it weren't this way, but I have to take the option that is closest to the Catholic point of view and the one who has done the most for the pro-life cause.
Part of the just war theory says it is OK to prevent harm. Saddam was a mass murderer that needed to go. If that was unjust, then it was also wrong to take Hitler out because Germany did not attack us first. The world has got to stop genocide.
As for saying Bush is a liar, that isn't true. [B]Everyone[/B], including Clinton and Kerry and foreign leaders, thought Iraq had WMD. Twenty/Twenty hindsight tells us different now. Have you ever thought you were right, but later found out you were wrong? Should you be called a liar for that?
Favoring the rich? You do you think hires people? Poor people? The best welfare program is a paying job. Class warfare - rich v. poor - does not let people keep what they have legally earned or promote the equality of persons. If we are truly equal, why should one person pay a higher percent than another? It promotes a "why work? the government will take care of me!" attitude for the poor and a "why work? the government will take away everything I earn" attitude for the hard-working. Welfare is not compassionate - it is for buying votes. If you want to be compassionate, donate to the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief, etc. That way the government won't take their slice of administrative costs out of your donation. There are much better ways to fight poverty than robbing from the hard-working Americans through higher taxes. Like one-on-one volunteering to help those in need. Give people a hand, not just a hand out.

[QUOTE=YinYangMom]Nope. Never claimed that Kerry is influenced by the Holy Spirit. I am saying that because he is baptized into the Catholic faith he is a step closer to knowing the Truth than GW and therefore we have a better chance to get him to see the light than GW.QUOTE]
The Catechism says, Para. 1861: "Mortal sin is a radical possibility of human freedom, as is love itself. It results in the loss of charity and the privation of sanctifying grace, that is, of the state of grace. If it is not redeemed by repentance and God's forgiveness, it causes exclusion from Christ's kingdom and the eternal death of hell, for our freedom has the power to make choices for ever, with no turning back. However, although we can judge that an act is in itself a grave offense, we must entrust judgment of persons to the justice and mercy of God."
Being baptized Catholic is not an automatic ticket to heaven. You can lose salvation through mortal sin. I'm not judging Kerry's soul, but it seems to me that it is a mortal sin to be in the position to abolish abortion and not do anything to bring it about. It is not just a sin of omission. Kerry has a 100% voting record for pro-abortion. He knows it is wrong, but he votes this way anyway. When he tries to pass himself off as a devote Catholic when he is a counterfeit Catholic gives scandal. Also, 1 Cor 11 says that those who eat the body and blood unworthily bring condemnation upon themselves.

Taste Test: Busch beer v. Rainier Beer
Bear Passes Out After Only 36 Beers
SEATTLE (Reuters) - A black bear was found passed out at a campground in Washington state recently after guzzling down three dozen cans of a local beer, a campground worker said on Wednesday.

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