Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Rise and Fall of Christianity
Roll Over, Martin LutherLong the dominant faith affiliation in the U.S., Protestantism may no longer boast a majorityBy DAVID VAN BIEMAThe University of Chicago's respected National Opinion Research Center (NORC) has reported that the proportion of adult Americans calling themselves Protestants, a steady 63% for decades, fell suddenly to 52% from 1993 to 2002. Not only that, the study's authors projected that "perhaps as early as this year the country will for the first time no longer have a Protestant majority." The heads-up provoked some spirited discussion about how important the eclipse might be, to whom, and why.

Could this happen in the USA if Democrats get their way?
The grass is not greenerBruce Bartlett Europeans are frustrated. They have been behind the United States economically for years and thought this was due to lack of economic integration. So they created the European Union, with a common currency and virtually free mobility of goods, capital and labor throughout the continent. Yet Europe continues to lag.
....In short, Europeans don't work because it just doesn't pay to work after the government takes its cut. And because welfare benefits are so high, the cost of not working is low. Thus, when workers compare what they make after-tax with what they can make by doing nothing, the gap is very small.

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