Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More on the Bush Guard Documents
You don't need experts to know that the Bush Guard documents were forged. I remember what documents looked like in 1972-1973. I graduated from college that year. I used a manual typewriter with Courier font to type term papers. I didn't see proportional fonts until the late '70s. I started working as a technical writer in 1979. The docs I wrote then were typed on an IBM Selectric, which was a very expensive machine at the time. It is highly unlikely that the Air National Guard would use that kind of machine to type routine memos. Our department was the only one in the company to have a Selectric. I had never heard of justification, kerning, proportional fonts or Times New Roman until after I started using a word processor in the late '80s. I had to learn about them because I am in the publishing business. I'm not surprised that the blogosphere went balistic over the forgeries. This isn't ancient history. There are still plenty folks who remember what publishing was like back then.

The Forum: Fraud:
What Ratzinger didn't say by Phil Lawler Sep. 11 ( - If you live anywhere in the United States, you probably saw news stories this past week, reporting that Cardinal Ratzinger had issued a new statement, saying that Catholics can vote for a candidate who promotes legal abortion-- as long as they're casting that vote for other reasons.

Cardinal Ratzinger said no such thing.

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