Monday, September 20, 2004

Louisiana Voters Approve Gay-Marriage Ban

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Louisiana voters overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment Saturday banning same-sex marriages and civil unions, one of up to 12 such measures on the ballot around the country this year.
With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the amendment was winning approval with 78 percent of the vote, and support for it was evident statewide. Only in New Orleans, home to a politically strong gay community, was the race relatively close, and even there the amendment was winning passage. Turnout statewide appeared to be about 27 percent of Louisiana's 2.8 million voters, somewhat low for a state election.

Kerry's Position On Iraq Continues To Confuse
Over 7 million people have watched the Kerry On Iraq documentary at and according to the results of a new online poll, many are still confused after Senator Kerry’s major policy speech on Iraq.
Watch the online video to decide for yourself.

Just Suppose ....
Suppose you were an Iraqi that wanted to get rid of Saddam. What would you tell foreign intelligence to get them to do your bidding? Wouldn't you tell them Saddam had a nuclear weapon pointing at a NATO country or Israel? That would do the job.

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