Friday, September 10, 2004

Bush Guard Documents: Forged According to a post in the Little Green Football blog on 9/9/04:
I opened Microsoft Word, set the font to Microsoft’s Times New Roman, tabbed over to the default tab stop to enter the date “18 August 1973,” then typed the rest of the document purportedly from the personal records of the late Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian.
And my Microsoft Word version, typed in 2004, is an exact match for the documents trumpeted by CBS News as “authentic.”

Mass graves in IraqThis is why Saddam Hussein had to go.
I think we need to remember these people.

I don't remember the press making much ado about this article from 03/09/2004. It seems more relevant now that Kerry claims the swift boat vets are connected to the Bush campaign's is funded by Teresa Heinz, as a 527, should have no connection with the candidate because that is illegal. and International ANSWER, two of the prime-movers behind opposition to President Bush's War on Terror is funded by substantial largess from foundations controlled by the would-be first lady, [Teresa Heinz Kerry]: The San Francisco-based Tides Foundation and a spinoff called the Tides Center. These entities in turn help distribute funds to and operate as clearinghouses for policy-networking and coordination between a veritable Who's Who of radical leftist organizations....Rabid antiwar demonstrators, antitrade demonstrators, domestic Islamist organizations, pro-terrorists legal groups, environmentalists, abortion partisans, extremist homosexual activists and open-borders advocates."

2004 Presidential Election Voter Guide
Bush’s National Guard yearsBefore you fall for Dems’ spin, here are the facts
What do you really know about George W. Bush’s time in the Air National Guard?That he didn’t show up for duty in Alabama? That he missed a physical? That his daddy got him in?
News coverage of the president’s years in the Guard has tended to focus on one brief portion of that time — to the exclusion of virtually everything else. So just for the record, here, in full, is what Bush did...

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