Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Letter to the Editor of the St. Louis Post-DispatchRE: St. Louisans help uncover Iraqi massacres
http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/world/story/BF28D9614FE19D4186256F23001B6BD1?OpenDocument&Headline=St.+Louisans+help+uncover+Iraqi+massacres&highlight=2%2CSt.%2CLouisans%2Chelp%2Cuncover%2CIraqi%2Cmassacres 10/03/2004
Dear Editor:
I wonder why your article, "St. Louisans help uncover Iraqi massacres" had to include the comment, "Some critics question whether the U.S. administration's zeal to prosecute Saddam for the mass killings is an election-year effort to divert attention from the failure to find weapons of mass destruction, the justification that President George W. Bush used most often in making his case for the war."
While you accuse the U.S. administration of being political, your accusation is just as political. Isn't this a case of the kettle calling the skillet black?
If you want to know why we needed to stop the genocide in Iraq, look at http://massgraves.info/. There are 60 web pages of photos of those graves and the people who are grieving their dead. On page 51 is a map of the mass graves they have found so far. The atrocity is as heart breaking as Hitler's use of gas chambers.
Are Americans so heartless that we have the power to stop genocide, but will not lift a finger to help? Remember that 19,000 Americans died in 40 days during the Battle of the Bulge. Did that stop us from defeating Hitler? What if Saddam Hussein had had nuclear weapons and we sat on our hands and didn't prevent him from blowing up a few million people? How would history judge us? That's a chance I would not want to take.

Electoral College Projections Based Upon Most Recent Rasmussen Reports Survey Data and Election 2000 Results
September 30, 2004--The latest Rasmussen Reports Electoral College projection shows George W. Bush with 213 Electoral Votes and John Kerry with 169. There are now twelve states with 156 Electoral Votes in the Toss-Up category.

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