Monday, October 18, 2004

Who's Ahead in the Polls?
RealClearPolitics Electoral CountMonday, October 18: Bush 254 - Kerry 220
Our earlier analysis suggesting that the race basically boils down to Florida and Ohio stands. However, it looks as if the aftermath of the hurricanes may have given President Bush a decisive edge there, so in reality it is now all about Ohio. If Kerry doesn't win Ohio he will not be President.
"Day after final US public debate, Bush opens 4-point lead over Democratic challenger Kerry, gaining most among undecideds - according to Reuter-Zogby poll. Bush leads in 42 out of 65 polls conducted in last 24 hours, Kerry in 15. Eight polls record a tie. Pew Research predicts a 16 % win for Bush in Nov. 2 election, Time Magazine – 11%. "

Hit the Streets
I went out Saturday canvassing for Bush/Cheney. I found some undecided voters to talk to, which I enjoyed very much. I just ask them, "What issue is most important for you?" It surprises me how much people want to talk about it with a complete stranger. It's awesome to see them turn toward the Bush camp by the time I'm done. I think I've won a dozen votes, probably. I've become a Republican apologist. I usually hate to talk to strangers, but not about pro-life. Oh, the things my zeal for the pro-life cause will make me do!

Planned Parenthood Unveils TV Ads Backing John Kerry on Abortion
Minneapolis, MN ( -- The political arm of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business, today unveiled its initial television advertising campaign on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

For the Undecided
Zogby International & Decidia Inc. Announce The Launch Of Online Decision Tool: Presidential GuidesterTM(Utica, NY)- Undecided voters now have a tool to help them choose a candidate for president. Polling firm Zogby International and Decidia Inc., the leading producer of web-based decision systems, announced today the launch of the free online tool, Presidential Guidester.

Voters, do your homework!
Viewers of the debates won't get a good idea of the issues from the debates alone. You have to know Kerry's ultra-liberal record to know how much he is a fake and how much it conflicts with what he said in the debates. He will promise anything to get elected even if we have to pay for it (whether we want it or not), not him. He lies with statistics that sound good, but totally distort. He says he never flip-flops, but did it repeatedly during the debate. You have to know the other things he has said to know how waffly this guy is. I don't think Americans are so foolish to fall for the bunk he dished out or the polished airs he put on. I can't believe anybody believing the spin about the debates either. Voters, do your homework! Vote for substance, not spin and false impressions.

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