Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Pro-life Witness at Kerry post-debate rally in St. Louis by Kendrick Seminarians
Read about it at:
The Meandering Mind of a Seminarian
I really admire those guys.

Bush post-debate rally
My husband and I went to the Bush post-debate rally at Queeny Park. I was excited to see the President. There were no such protests there, though it was a tickets-only event and the location was not disclosed in the media or on the tickets. Only the invited knew where to go, but we were not told that Bush would be there until after we were inside. We knew a special guest was coming. My first clue was all the metal detectors outside.

The place was packed. There were thousands (5000?) of us there all cheering for Bush during the debate. This was a really fired up crowd. The respect for the President was palpable. I don't think a lot of Kerry's supporters are that fired up. I think they are motivated by hatred for Bush, but not love for their candidate as the Bush folks are. I hope that translates into apathy for Kerry voters at the polls Nov. 2. I would crawl over broken glass to vote for Bush.

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