Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters from EWTN
"If someone were running for state treasurer and that candidate made it a point to state publicly that he was in favor of exterminating people over the age of 70, would you vote for him?... If personal character matters in a political candidate, and personal character involves the kind of thoughts a person harbors, then such a candidate who publicly states that he is in favor of the evil of exterminating people over the age of 70 - or children who are unborn - has also disqualified himself from receiving a Catholic’s vote."

More Voter Guide Links
As a Catholic, I have an obligation to inform my conscience before I vote. These voter guides are very helpful

What is the Most Efficient Way to Care for the Poor?
Suppose I am coerced to pay $100 in federal taxes that are for the purpose of caring for the poor. First, the legislator who makes the laws about collecting the money takes a slice, then the tax collector takes a slice, then the boss and auditor of the tax collector take a slice. Next, the social worker who determines eligibility for services and their boss and auditor of the social service agancy take a slice. Then the one who assures us that their is no fraud going on takes a slice. How much is left to give to the poor?
When I donate money to charity, I want to know the administrative expense ratio. That is, is the money going to some fat cat or is it really going to the cause for which I gave it? If my goal is supporting the poor, it seems to me to be more effective to give money to Catholic Charities than it does to the federal government.
I think it is foolish to vote for someone because they promise to do something "for the little guy." It seems that most of those promises are "voter bait." If they ever delivered on their promises, they would have to think of something else to bait the voters. Is it any wonder that campaign promises are quickly forgotten after the election? Wise up, Americans! Vote based on the character of the man and the one who will kill the fewest babies. That's the "little guys" I care about!

More of the blame game, only this has a ring of truth to it
So that's what a Community Organizer does!
What did Obama do with the Community Reinvestment Act money? Did he stop the flood of money going to these bad mortgages?

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