Friday, October 03, 2008

Catholic Voting & the “Seamless Garment” Theory
by Patrick Madrid
How to vote with a clear conscience
Are some [issues] more important than others?

Karl Rove Lists 10 ‘Factually Wrong’ Biden Debate Statements
Karl Rove sets the record straight on 10 things Biden said in the debate last night.

Biden said McCain voted the same as Obama on the budget resolution vote. Fact: McCain voted No, Obama voted "Yes" to increase taxes on those making $42,000 year.
Biden said people would pay no more taxes under Obama than they did under Reagan. Fact: The top rate under Reagan was 28%, Obama wants to return it to 39.5%.
Biden said it would take 10 years to get new oil into production. Fact: It would take only about 2 years.
Biden said used of force resolution in Iraq was not an authorization for war. Fact: Yes it was.
Biden said McCain voted the same as Obama on funding the troops. Fact: McCain voted yes, Obama voted "no."
Biden said we are spending as much in 3 weeks as we have in 7 years in Iraq. Fact: Not true
Biden said Article 1 of the Constitution refers to the Executive branch. Fact: Article 1 refers to Legislative branch
Biden said there is a windfall profits tax in Alaska. Fact: Not true
Biden repeated the lie about a nuclear weapons bill that Obama passed. Fact: Not true
Biden said McCain opposed Clinton on Bosnia. Fact: Not true

Biden doesn't understand what the Veep job really is.

A 1999 New York Times article explains how we got in the financial mess we are in
Read this article which appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES ON SEPTEMBER 30, 1999. It answers the question. Some of the quotes in here are eerily prophetic.

Agency’s ’04 Rule Let Banks Pile Up New Debt, and Risk
Dennis Brack for The New York Times
"Many events in Washington, on Wall Street and elsewhere around the country have led to what has been called the most serious financial crisis since the 1930s. But decisions made at a brief meeting on April 28, 2004, explain why the problems could spin out of control. The agency’s failure to follow through on those decisions also explains why Washington regulators did not see what was coming."

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