Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Make the US Government be Socialist

If you wanted to overthrow capitalism and the US government and establish a socialistic, atheistic nation, how would you do it?

What won't work is brute force. A direct attack on Washington, DC would be bloody.

What will work is slowly, patiently destroying one institution at a time. I think the steps below would probably work, even though they would take about 50-100 years to work.

  1. You would have to make the government have the authority to coerce people to give their wealth to the government in taxes.
  2. You would have to make people feel invincible.
  3. You would have to make people think they are better than other communist or socialist nations.
  4. You would have to increase government regulation of every business and institution to reduce productivity and increase government power.
  5. You would have to make the majority think that anything that exists is old-fashioned and needs to be changed.
  6. You would have to destroy the moral fabric of the nation, especially among young people.
    You would have to destroy the family.
  7. You would have to use the goodness and trust in government as a weapon against them.
    You would have to make people's weaknesses be a weapon against them.
  8. You would have to weaken the will of the people to fight for freedom.
  9. You would have to infiltrate universities and professional organizations.
  10. You would have to infiltrate the press and media so that you can control what people believe.
  11. You would have to dumb down the youth so that they don't know or care about their rights.
  12. You would have to dumb down the nation so they don't understand how the government works.
  13. You would have to agitate the people to think that one group of people is the enemy so they fight against each other.
  14. You would have to control the election process, even if it means using fraud to do it.
  15. You would have to make the legislative process unable to reform the situation.
  16. You would have to make the laws be what you want them to mean.
  17. You would have to destroy the idea that we must obey laws for the good of others.
  18. You would have to take away the ability of people to defend themselves from government.
  19. You would have to destroy powerful religious institutions and freedom of religion.
  20. You would have to ridicule and side line all religions and promote atheism.
  21. You would have to destroy the right to live by your conscience.
  22. You would have to increase taxes to destroy all wealth.
  23. You would have to make the nation's wealth be diverted to other countries.
  24. You would have to infiltrate Wall Street so that you can rob the wealth of those who work hard and save what they earn so you can give it to the winners.
  25. You would have to make other nations stronger militarily than the US is.
  26. You would have to have our enemies infiltrate our nation and be ready to take control on signal.
  27. You would have to make the government take away private property.
  28. You would have to make the government own all private property.
  29. You would have to elect someone willing to overthrow the government through executive order and make the military enforce absolute obedience.

End Game! You are now living in a socialistic, atheistic nation where you have no freedom, wealth, or power to change the system in your favor.

By slowing turning up the temperature on the stove, we didn’t realize that we are about to boil to death. Without seeing the blueprint of what is happening and having a short memory of history, we are almost ready to join the Roman Empire on the dust heap of societies.

Do you see what is happening in our nation? Have you noticed any of these things happening in the last 100 years?

High divorce rate, illegal drugs, irresponsible sexual behavior, status quo mocked, use the desire to care for one's neighbor to bankrupt the nation, welfare state that increases poverty through coerced tax payments, hatred of the military, main stream media in control of the enemy, government monopoly of bad schools with no way of affording a private education, class warfare, election fraud, polarization of politics, legislation by the judicial branch, restriction of gun rights, moral relativism, “hate” speech, pedophilia scandal in the Catholic church and other denominations, books about atheism on the Best Seller list, freedom of conscience destroyed by the tool of homosexual "marriage", taxes that rob from the "rich" to give to the "poor", financial crisis engineered by banks to happen just before a national election, foreign made products and raw materials so that our money is shipped overseas, give nuclear weapons secrets to foreign terrorist states, uncontrolled immigration, immigration of terrorist enemies, expensive wars, overstretched military, imminent domain protection repealed by judicial fiat, nationalization of industries such as health care, government ownership of homes, and a charismatic political candidate who promises "change."

I believe our country is on the verge of disaster in the coming election. What kind of change do you want?

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