Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Abortion May Drag Us To History's Grave
Anthropologists tell us two of the biggest indicators of a doomed civilization are the practice of infanticide and human sacrifice. In other words, cultures and species that kill their own young do not survive. If history really does repeat itself, then American society may also be doomed to extinction.

Gay Marriage on the Front Burner from Missouri to Australia
A Missouri pro-family leader says the state's Democratic governor opposes a ban on same-sex "marriage" and would prefer an election on a constitutional amendment to that effect be held in August -- when it will have less chance of passage.

Catholic Parishioners Clash Over Gay Rights
CHICAGO — Parishioners who wore rainbow-colored sashes to Mass in support of gays and lesbians were denied communion in Chicago, while laymen in Minnesota tried to prevent gay Roman Catholics from getting the sacrament.

Homosexual Marriage: A Slippery Slope?
David Limbaugh
"Some on the right consider social conservatives an annoying single-issue breed and argue that the redefinition of marriage is nothing to fret over. They pooh pooh the slippery slope argument that if we completely legitimize same-sex marriage it will just be a matter of time before we sanction polygamy, bestiality, incest or pedophilia. Not to worry, they say. We always draw the line somewhere.

Oh? Upon what basis will we draw such lines anymore? "

My letter to Senator Bond:
I fear that the next attack on our freedom will be our right of free speech. This article concerns me:

Please do not let hate speech legislation pass. I want the freedom to call a sin a sin, not a "civil right".

I also support the Federal Marriage Amendment. Marriage is sacred and the foundation of the family, which is the foundation of society. Please protect it from this sacrilege.

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