Friday, June 18, 2004

I haven't been blogging much due to being preoccupied with family matters and a deadline at work. I hope to get back to normal soon.

Kerry's Choice for Religious Outreach Director 'Confounding,' Group Says
"Given all this, his choice of Mara Vanderslice as his religious point woman is confounding. Her resume is that of a person looking for a job working for Fidel Castro, not John Kerry.

Bush and Dole Agree: Shiftless Kerry Should Quit Senate
Prominent Republicans are jumping to voice approval of Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey's call for John Kerry to quit the Senate job he gets paid for but refuses to do.

Senate Adds Sexual Orientation, Gender to 'Hate Crimes' Law
The U.S. Senate on Tuesday voted to expand "hate crimes" legislation to cover crimes that target people because of their sexual orientation, gender, or disability.
Concerned Women for America, a conservative public policy organization, warned that the amendment lays the groundwork for the persecution of Christians, Orthodox Jews, Muslims and others who oppose homosexuality on religious grounds.

"Using similar laws, the mere criticism of homosexuality is considered a 'hate crime' in Sweden and Canada," said Robert Knight, director of CWA's Culture and Family Institute.

IRS: Homosexual Couples Cannot File As 'Married'
In a letter to a conservative, pro-family group, the Internal Revenue Service established this week that homosexual couples filing joint tax returns would be in violation of the law under the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Ratzinger joins US debate on withholding Eucharist

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has weighed into debate within the American hierarchy, saying that public figures who openly dissent from Church teachings should not receive Communion.

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