Friday, June 25, 2004

Court has "strong evidence" to uphold abortion ban

So people think divorce is harmless?
National Survey Of Men Attempts To Identify The Marriage-Prone And Marriage-Averse
NEW YORK (AP) -- While most single young men aspire to marriage, about one-fifth are deeply skeptical of the institution and their prospects of making it work, according to a new national survey which closely links men's marital outlook to their upbringing.

The survey, released Wednesday by the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University, found that the men with negative attitudes were far more likely than the rest to have been raised by a divorced parent in a non-churchgoing family.

"Most young men are still 'the marrying kind,"' said a report accompanying the survey. "Moreover, the men who are the best 'marriage bets' are those who are more traditional in their family and religious background."

Religion 'very important' to most Americans

America's faith is alive and well, according to a new Gallup poll that also found that President Bush is favored by the faithful over Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry.

The Holy Spirit is guiding me
I took my children to Raging Rivers yesterday. One of those eerie moments when I think the Holy Spirit is guiding me happened on the parking lot.
I saw a young boy carrying an inflatable alligator to his car. He was only six feet from it. I was returning from eating lunch, even though the kids were not finished yet. I had this sudden urge to go back, which is how I caught that kid stealing my daughter's alligator. I confronted him gently, "That's not your alligator. It belongs to my daughter" I said. So he gave it back.
What made me want to return sooner than the others? If I hadn't I wouldn't have got the alligator.
To me, I don't think it was an accident. I think the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do things. This happens to me so frequently, it is spooky. (Pardon the pun, Holy Spirit, spooky)
Things like this make me agree with this article:

The More We Use The Gifts God Has Given Us, The More Miraculous They Become

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