Thursday, June 03, 2004

Decent Proposal: More Girls Push for Modest Fashion Options
Catholic girl asks for more modest clothes in stores.

This will make NARAL mad.
No deportation because unborn baby is American

Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF), a teachers' union urges promoting gay lifestyle to children

After the Ball--Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won
"Issues of right and wrong were isolated as outdated, repressive, and culturally embarrassing. Instead, the assertion of "rights" became the hallmark of the public relations strategy."

This is an End of the Day report from Gary Bauer, of American Values
The Imperial Judiciary

"When Phyllis J. Hamilton, a federal district court judge in San Francisco, yesterday struck down the ban on partial-birth abortions she became a "higher authority" than all the congressmen and senators you voted to elect, as well as, the president of the United States who had lobbied for the ban.

The ban on partial-birth abortion is not particularly controversial. The public overwhelmingly wants this gruesome procedure ended. The vote for the ban was 64-to-34 in the Senate - hardly a "squeaker." In the House it was also overwhelming - 282-to-123. But, now Judge Hamilton has determined that only she has the correct interpretation of the requirements of the Constitution where, by the way, the word abortion is not mentioned!

Who is Phyllis Hamilton, the jurist who now apparently governs you? She was appointed by Bill Clinton. We now know she believes our Constitution requires us to allow a doctor to extract the body of a late term unborn child from the womb, puncture its skull and extract its brains. For newcomers to this daily report, I apologize for that description, but the truth matters. No prisoner at Abu Ghraib was treated as badly as these poor unborn children who are grotesquely destroyed in the name of "choice."

Judge Hamilton is the same judge who a year ago said it was okay for a San Francisco school district to require its children to memorize verses from the Koran and become Muslim for two weeks in the interest of multiculturalism. Can you imagine how she would rule if the same school district required students to memorize versus from the Bible or Torah?"

Actually, we don't have to imagine. She's just like the judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - the same court that declared the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.

The Pledge case is already before the Supreme Court. The partial-birth abortion ban is on the way there. Perhaps we will win both cases or win one and lose one. But, whatever the outcome my friends, we are not supposed to be governed by robed masters. The other two branches of government have equal authority to interpret the Constitution. In fact, they all take an oath to uphold it. It is time for them to use the remedies at their disposal to stop the out of control courts.

Terror Ambulances

"Israel T.V. last week ran video showing U.N. ambulances being used to help terrorists escape who had just killed six Israeli soldiers. At the same time a story has broken about a clandestine operation in which top terrorist thug Yasser Arafat moved around his key people using ambulances of the Red Crescent Society, an affiliate of the Red Cross. And in Iraq, U.S. soldiers have come under fire frequently from ambulances.

It is tempting to shrug off these incidents as merely more evidence of how our enemy routinely violates the rules of war while reading the "rule book" to us! But, these stories shouldn't go unaddressed. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan should investigate the use of U.N. vehicles and we should stop taxpayer subsidies until he does. And the International Red Cross should re-evaluate their "see no evil" relationship with the Red Crescent Society. But don't count on it! "

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