Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Primary Elections: No Superheroes, Please
By Father Jonathan Morris

We can listen to speeches, banter with friends and foes at the coffee shop, or study campaign Web sites. We can compare and contrast party and candidate platforms, hedging our bets on who is most likely to get done more of what we most need, or want.
My suggestion to voters at this point in the race is to forget about all of this — including what other states have done, or are about to do — and instead, to choose the candidate who, according to Constitutional criterion, has the best PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT and whose RECORD coincides with this philosophy.
I mean to say, let’s choose a candidate who understands the true purpose of government and the way it’s supposed to work in the United States of America as described in our founding documents, in particular, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers.
We are not electing a national mayor, a local pastor, a motivational speaker, a civil rights activist or even a CEO.
The federal government — including the executive branch — is primarily responsible for defending the nation and its citizens from attack and subversion, maintaining public order (including commerce) and protecting people‘s fundamental rights and liberties.
In other areas, its role is secondary, or more precisely “subsidiary,” first of all to the work of families, community, charitable, religious, and other civic organizations, and then to local and state governments.
When candidates make promises to end poverty, boost the economy, restore hope, and provide health care and education for all, the questions we should ask are HOW and WHO. If they plan to use their presidential powers (including the appointment of judges) to run our states and to raise our families, they are out of line.
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