Wednesday, May 26, 2004

American Catholic Voters Support for Kerry on Church Issues Falls as Low as Six Percent
A major poll of 1,388 American Roman Catholic voters shows Catholic presidential candidate John Kerry getting only 20% support among America’s 51 million Catholics on issues where he opposes the Church’s position with his support on some issues dropping as low as 6%.

African-American Leaders Launch Effort to Combat Homosexual Agenda
"Gay Marriage Is Not A Civil Right"

How Chinagate Led to 9/11
"The only place left to go with intelligence information – particularly for efforts to share intelligence information or obtain search warrants – was straight up Clinton and Gorelick’s multi-tiered chain of command. Instead, information lethal to the Democratic Party languished inside the Justice Department, trapped behind Gorelick’s walls."

Be on the look out for these guys.
Some Names of Al Qaeda Terrorists Plotting Hot Summer for America

This is the most politically incorrect article I've read in a long time.
How to Defeat Jihad in America
The simple fact we must face is that we will continue living under the ever-present fear and reality of domestic terrorism as long as Wahhabi and fundamentalist Moslems continue to reside and move around freely in the United States and other Western countries. Therefore, if we want to eliminate the threat of domestic terrorism, and not just keep dancing around the problem, we must stop talking about assimilating Moslems and start talking about excluding and deporting them instead.

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