Wednesday, May 19, 2004

WMD Stockpiles
Gazi George, a former Iraqi nuclear scientist under Saddam's regime, told Fox News he believes many similar weapons stockpiled by the former regime were either buried underground or transported to Syria. He noted that the airport where the device was detonated is on the way to Baghdad from the Syrian border.
"I'm sure they're going to find more once time passes," he continued, saying one year is not enough for the survey group or the military to find the weapons.

Iraqi Nerve Gas, WMD Find Blows Away Pundits
We all know from the anti-war fanatics that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - the leftist media and pundits have pounded that assertion into the American TV fact file. We are told again and again that George Bush lied.

The recent discovery of nerve gas and mustard gas in Iraq is clearly proof that it was Saddam Hussein that was lying. Saddam lied about his weapons and has hidden more than one for future use.

A Very Dangerous Place
Monday's news confirms what [David] Kay reported to an indifferent Congress: "We know that terrorists were passing through Iraq. And now we know that there was little control over Iraq's weapons capabilities. I think it shows that Iraq was a very dangerous place. The country had the technology, the ability to produce, and there were terrorist groups passing through the country -- and no central control."

Bruce Bartlett says:
India's voters may unwittingly have solved the outsourcing problem here in a way that America's protectionists never could.

President Bush Hits Pro-Life Themes in Commencement Address
Washington, DC ( -- President Bush touched on pro-life themes in his commencement address at Wisconsin's Concordia University. He urged graduates to help build a "culture of life" and warned them of the dangers of destroying human life to advance scientific research.

No Private Affair
Marriage is about more than the man and the woman.

Jeff Jacoby
The end of the gay marriage debate?
"But still another part of the answer to "How did we get here?" is that those who defend the traditional definition of marriage have been woefully ineffective in making their case."

Separation of church and state? But not separation of state from dictating church matters. Does this mean the state can force churches to marry gays?

News from the liberal, feminist fringe.
Coalition of Catholic Women's Groups Supports Same-Sex Marriages

Secularist Double Standards
The court, appallingly, ruled in favor of the members and against the church, basically saying that the church doesn't have the right to enforce its own rules of discipline.

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