Friday, May 21, 2004

Florida bishop rebukes pro-abortion Catholics
He replies also to the accusations that politics is not the proper realm for churchmen, a criticism often accompanied by polemics about "separation of Church and State." "It is totally within our competence to say that one cannot be complicit in the injustice of denying the right to life of an unborn child or an invalid elder and still consider oneself a good Catholic," the bishop writes.

Cardinal said willing to meet Democrats opposing Communion ban
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Washington Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick is open to meeting a group of Catholic Democrats critical of bishops who would deny Communion to Catholic legislators favoring legalized abortion, said Susan Gibbs, the cardinal's spokeswoman.

Is fear of revolt in the collection basket making the bishops cowards?
Catholic Bishop Sticks to Communion Stance for Pro-Abortion Voters

Surely, he doesn't really mean what he said the first time, so how can one believe he means it now?
Kerry Flip-Flops Yet Again on Abortion
As anyone with a brain except Sen. John Kerry could have predicted, pro-abortion groups and other Democrats immediately started screaming after Kerry said Wednesday that he was open to nominating pro-life judges.

Why Kerry's protectionist stance is doomed to fail.
by Jagdish Bhagwati
The fact that trade protection hurts the economy of the country that imposes it is one of the oldest but still most startling insights economics has to offer.

Revive the Conservative Revolution
This summer, the famous Contract With America that swept Republicans into power in Congress in January 1995 turns ten years old.

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