Thursday, May 13, 2004

"Catholics Against Kerry" coordinator John Berns is pleased to launch a new web site [] aimed at Sen. John Kerry.

Archbishop John G. Vlazny, leader of 298,000 Roman Catholics in Western Oregon, has declared that any Catholic, politician or not, who is publicly at odds with serious church teaching should refrain from taking Holy Communion.

Public dissenters should themselves refrain from Communion
05/06/2004 Archbishop John Vlazny

CBS Employs McCarthyistic Tactics to Smear Anti-Kerry Veterans

Who needs a tax hike?
Teresa Heinz Kerry's Tax Bill Lighter Than Bush's

Sen. John Kerry and his ketchup heiress wife, Teresa Heinz, paid a meager 15.2 percent of their gross income to the IRS last year, new data released Tuesday by the Kerry campaign shows.

Dem Touts Abu Ghraib as Political 'Silver Bullet'
"We have so many people out there that are so concerned about the human rights of a bunch of people who are murderers and terrorists that I find it offensive," he told Sean Hannity."

The Jerusalem Post has this to say.
Iraq in perspective
"The attempt to compare prisons filled with alleged terrorists and other jihadis with gulags past and present is obscene and an insult to the victims of terrorists and dictators.

How can enlightened people, who claim to care about human rights, compare the real gulags that now exist in places like Iran and North Korea, in which thousands of innocent people are being killed and tortured far from the public eye, to the American incarceration of terrorist suspects?
Regardless of where one stands on the debate over how to fight terrorism, it is incumbent on all those who care about human rights not to debase this fundamental concept by conflating its exceptional violation by countries who believe deeply in it with its rampant trampling by those who do not. Nor should we in the West, because of lamentable but exceptional incidents, condemn ourselves and the world to much greater injustices by simply throwing in the towel in this war to defend our freedom and beliefs.
In Iraq, Saddam Hussein's henchmen would feed prisoners into shredders and shoot them for sport."

I wonder. How do liberals know when something is wrong? Imagine the terrorists saying, "Killing someone is not something I would ever do, but I don't want to impose my beliefs on anyone else." How can liberals judge the terrorists if they promote the killing of unborn babies? Partial birth abortion is as cruel as beheading Nick Berg.

Gary Bauer's comments:
Al Qaeda War Crime
"News is just breaking that a jihadist website is running a video that purports to show an American, Nick Berg of Philadelphia, being beheaded in revenge for the events at Abu Ghraib prison. But before we jump to any conclusions about this being retaliation, remember that our enemy has been beheading us (Daniel Pearl), desecrating bodies (early American POW's) and ignoring the rules of war (hijacking aircraft) long before any of them were being humiliated by American MPs! Why do I think that by tonight this atrocity, if true, will be blamed on Secretary Rumsfeld and President Bush rather than on the murderers who want to behead, poison or irradiate all of us? By the way, the media this morning was describing Berg's body as showing "signs of trauma." It is only now that we discover from his murderers he was beheaded. The press wants us to see every photo from the prison, but they try to hide the handiwork of our enemy."

"Here's another fact you won't hear tonight on the major networks. In February of this year, the parents of one of the accused soldiers wrote to 17 senators, including Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, informing them of events at the prison. There is no record that any of those senators, among them the loudest critics of President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, took any action."

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